Infancy is a developmentally significant time. Your baby will have a consistent caregiver who is responsible for all of your child's needs. It is important for your infant to trust and form attachments with the staff. The staff forms attachments by continually interacting with your child through cuddling, speaking and singing. 

The infant room is designed to provide an age appropriate stimulating environment where your child will observe, hear, explore and organize information about their world. The infants take part in many art and sensory activities to increase their exposure to different textures. The environment provides space to roll, creep and crawl; these activities are vital to their physical development and academic readiness. The infants are exposed to music and a diverse selection of books. Developmentally appropriate toys and manipulatives are available to grasp and to help increase their eye-hand coordination. As your child develops, they are exposed to appropriate materials to enhance their learning and physical growth. Outdoor time is provided which also stimulates the senses.

Children are often frustrated when they cannot adequately verbally communicate their wants and needs. In an effort to alleviate this frustration, The Children's Station supplements language development through teaching each child sign language. Research has documented that early exposure to sign language reduces frustration and at the same time, increases a child's overall vocabulary through knowledge and use of a second language.