Mission and Philosophy


The Children's Station strives to provide an inviting, safe, clean, and nurturing environment. Parents feel confident that their children are well cared for in a happy, healthy setting.

The Children's Station is committed to providing creative learning experiences that encourage curiosity, active learning, language development, problem solving and positive self awareness. We are committed to providing the opportunities and the stimuli for children to develop all the essential life skills for individual success. Age appropriate academic readiness skills are an integral part of the curriculum.

The Children's Station is also aware of the common core directives introduced by New York State. We are dedicated to preparing children for these requirements.


Children develop their love of learning at the pre-school level. The Children's Station has developed an enriching program that concentrates on the child's social, physical and cognitive development as well as their emotional needs. The Children's Station recognizes that each child has their own personality, individual requirements and learning style. From infancy to kindergarten transition, our focus is on the child's creativity and individuality as well as learning and social needs.

We strive to create an atmosphere that promotes responsibility and cognitive flexibility. One of our goals is to develop executive functioning skills, such as planning and organization. We also attempt to inspire individual creativity and talent and encourage independent thinking. The Children's Station strives to develop a sense of community where children can recognize and express their feelings, learn to self-monitor their behavior and understand and respect the diverse needs of others.